WasteControl - Waste Management Software

WasteControl - Waste Management Software

WasteControl is a complete waste management software solution for businesses.

WasteControl software solution includes a complete tracking record of waste, including documents on generated waste, accompanying forms, registration sheets, waste management plans, etc. WasteControl comes in versions for waste producers, transporters, collectors, intermediaries and disposers of waste.

WasteControl is a complete waste management software solution for businesses. The application was developed completely by Zelene tehnologije d.o.o. (GreenTechnologies Ltd) and is in accordance with all applicable regulations and standards of the EU.

The basic starting point for the development of these software solutions was compliance with applicable waste management regulations, optimization of planning costs and utilization of all necessary and available resources, and sequence analysis of the data obtained from the waste management system.

WasteControl software solution includes a complete record of tracking waste from its generation at the beginning until its disposal. The records can be kept on the daily basis or, as it is needed, and data on waste can be entered, tracked and analyzed:

  • at plant or facility level or business unit level (subsidiary company)
  • it can be consolidated, company-wide
  • level group of companies

Built-in support for tablets and smart phones.

WasteControl software solution comes in the following versions, which are fully customizable, modular and can be combined (for example, if the company is a transporter and a collector at the same time):

  • PRODUCERS - Version for waste producer / holder
  • TRANSPORTERS - Version for waste transporter
  • COLLECTORS - Version for waste collector
  • INTERMEDIARIES - Intermediaries version
  • DISPOSERS OF WASTE - Version for disposers of waste

If the company deals with two or more activities in the field of waste management (e.g. the company is both, a transporter and a collector), you can run the appropriate version of the application. Except for support in form of relevant documents for the selected versions, double entry of documents is prevented and disabled (e.g. accompanying output form for transporter automatically becomes the input document for collectors), thus ensuring traceability and speeding up the process of entering data and maintaining records.

Depending on client needs, with WasteControl solution for waste management materials, it is possible to get additional modules (part of the functionality of the module depends on the version WasteControl solutions by user):

  • Financial Module - monitoring the financial activity associated with waste management. Module includes additional documents: receipts, dispatch, and accounts receivables and accounts payable, enabling generation of all necessary financial reports. It is possible to automatically generate a delivery receipt (based on transfer notes) and calculation (based on the accompanying sheets or packing).

  • Module for the cross-border transport of waste - implements all cross-border regulation requirements and contains all documents required for legal cross-border transport of waste: cross-border transport of hazardous waste accompanying documents, notification of cross-border transactions, and annual report on the exported quantities.

  • ROO module - contains all documents and reports related to application of spills into soil, water and /or air into the national register of environmental pollution.

  • Municipal waste Module - contains documents and reports for companies dealing with municipal activity: Following a list of municipal waste, the application form for annual report collector of municipal waste at the National Environmental Protection Agency, spills and transfer of wastewater from the public sewerage system into water and/or sea.

Some of the basic WasteControl features:

Entering and generating documents

After entry of basic data in the transport documents (accompanying sheets) remaining documents are automatically generated. After entering each accompanying sheet, the register is automatically updated and it directly generates declarations DFKSO. During the year, in the normal course of business, it is possible to get a whole series of reports related to the status and movement of waste within the company. Also, at the end of the year, with one mouse click you can do the application list for the National Agency for Environmental Protection. Here are just some of the built-in functionalities:

  • Generate arbitrary EWC number
  • Auto fill data entry fields (auto complete)
  • Automatic creation and filling of DFKSO declaration accompanying the entry sheet

Automatic data validation

When you enter data into WasteControl solution, the data is automatically checked. Verification is not only carried out in terms of data formats, but also in relation to other entered data. WasteControl solution will also inform you about:

  • Expiration or lack of permits for certain types of your or your business partner’s waste
  • Need to attach to accompanying list a laboratory analysis instead declaration DFKSO
  • Exceeding traffic volume of 1t hazardous waste annually
  • Amount of waste left in storage for longer than one year
  • Need to return some copies of the accompanying list and / or documentation on exports

Printing of documents

Built-in functionality of document printing provides all options in terms of meeting the legislation requirements. Therefore, it supports:

  • Print the form that follows accompanying form (pin or plain printer)
  • Print preview screen
  • Saving documents in PDF format
  • Print all or only some copies of the accompanying list (in color)

Levels of input data and user access

There is an option that can define level of access for each user to WasteControl application. Inside WasteControl application records waste can be distributed to several levels, in accordance with the internal organization of the company. Data can be imported and analyzed:

  • At the facility (e.g. production hall, waste containers)
  • At the business unit level (e.g. Zagreb, Split)
  • At the company level
  • Consolidated group of companies

Review of official documents

For all users WasteControl solutions is available a complete archive of all officially published strategies, laws, ordinances and regulations in the field of waste management. Each document can be browsed, printed and allows access to the publication date, etc. Documents are archived and neatly grouped according to the area of concern.

Customer Support

Users can also access quick and complete support from our technical and professional support. We provide support via phone or e-mail address during business hours of Zelene Tehnologije. If necessary, will also provide training in the field for users, especially before the first use of WasteControl applications, and later, if necessary, while working with the application. Help is also available in the application, in two ways: help is available by clicking "(?)" when you encounter an issue. Another way to access is to load a separate page, where you can find complete documentation and extensive support for all functionalities of the application. Help entries can also be printed out.

For additional information, please, contact us via phone or email.

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