CommunalControl - Waste Management Software

CommunalControl - Waste Management Software

CommunalControl is a waste management software solution for utility companies in Croatia.

System features:

  • Merging and management with RFID technology (Radio Frequency IDentification)
  • Billing of waste transport by mass or volume
  • Billing of waste transport by the number of waste removal
  • Fixed and variable cost calculation
  • Register of waste containers
  • Automatic measurement of waste containers fullness level
  • Automatic import of bank statements and their connection with receipts
  • Register of ongoing distraints
  • Automatic receipt generation
  • Automatic calculation of default interests
  • Receipt printout on memorandums, with one or multiple slips
  • Receipt mailing on different addresses (temporarily or permanently)

Subject Module

Subject represents a company. Customer of this software has access to information about a subject, that contains information about the name, address, OIB (personal identification number in Croatia) and contact information of a company or individual person. Release of the receipts can be monitored, as well as containers that are being used and type of services that subject uses.

Financial Module

Financial module provides financial flow monitoring. It contains additional receipts and bills of lading, which help in generating necessary financial report.

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