Programska rješenja
We offer sales and rentals of existing
software solutions for waste producers,
collectors, transporters,
intermediaries and waste disposers.
Vođenje dokumentacije
Services for managing complete
documentation related to
waste management for small and
medium businesses.
Consultancy services
for waste management for
medium and large scale businesses.
We recommend

WasteControl - Waste Management Software


WasteControl is a complete waste management software solution for businesses.

WasteControl software solution includes a complete tracking record of waste, including document of generated waste, the accompanying forms, registration sheets, waste management plans, etc. WasteControl comes in versions for waste producers, transporters, collectors, intermediaries and disposers of waste.

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ToxicControl - Toxic Chemicals Management Software


ToxicControl is a software solution for recording of hazardous chemicals for businesses on Croatian territory.

ToxicControl software solution comes in several versions and it can be used by chemical importers, transporters, manufacturers, and users and vendors of chemicals.

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Tablet i smartphone podrška

25.02.2013 Tablet and Smartphone Support

Our existing applications WasteControl and ToxicControl now offer a support for tablet and smartphone devices that are becoming increasingly popular. All you need is a connection to the Internet and your information about waste and hazardous chemicals will be available from any place at any time!

This upgrade is offered completely free of charge for existing and new customers.